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Proxxon Micromot 230/E milling machine, drill and grinder 28440


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The only such tool in the world for very precise processing, intended for drilling, grinding, milling, cutting, polishing, etc. Diameter only 37mm and only 270g. Mass and 80W power at high torque – it can only be Proxxon.
Extremely slender housing made of fiberglass reinforced polyamide with soft, non -slip inserts at the place of grip. The only such tool on the market enabling a comfortable pen holder.

Micromot 203/E is distinguished by a technically advanced construction:

Well -balanced and balanced direct current engine with long life,
Very useful working range, from 6500 to 21500 rpm – ATTENTION: In practice, turnover between 7000 and 12000 rpm is used, most of the work requires such turnover, so racing to the amount of maximum revolutions does not make sense, because it is not reflected in practical application. High torque is much more important – and in this field Proxxxon is an unsurpassed pattern. Only Proxxon in practice has the same torque regardless of the level of engine speed.
The mandrel rotates in a precise ball bearing.
The machine is equipped with special three -part high -quality calipers. They guarantee strong and centric holding of even the smallest drills or cutters, without any beating.
Tool suspension holder.
For work in various materials such as steel, precious metals, glass, ceramics, plastics and minerals.

The Micromot 230/E model is the undisputed leader of innovation in the category of universal precision machining devices.
Micromot 230/E is the world’s first micro -tool with such a small size powered by 230V. Created for users who appreciate the handiness of proxxon machines powered by 12V but needy tools of more power, i.e. a 230 volt engine (higher torque). Compared to the elderly and appreciated by users, e.g. FBS 230 or IBS/E both weight (270g) and the diameter (37mm) of the new 230/E drill is much smaller. This allows the operator to hold the machine for a long time and conveniently as a pen, which allows much more precision in using it. The most important, the bottom range of rotation is 6500 rpm – this is the speed recommended for most of the work. The maximum speed is 21500 rpm. Power – 80W.
Technical data:

Power supply: 220-240V. 50Hz.
Speed ​​speed range: 6500 -21500 min -1, liquid adjustment.
Power: 80W,
Mass: 270g,
Consistent with the requirements of the CE standard,
24 months warranty in the door-to-door system.

Delivery range:

Micromot 230/E
Set of micromot clamps set 6 pieces: 1.0 – 1.5 – 2.0 – 2.4 – 3.0 – 3.2mm.
Packaging: box.

We are an authorized Proxxon salon, buying in our store you get a full 24 -month warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here.

Tool clamps included in the micromot 230/E are hardened so they have adequate flexibility (see 1). They are characterized by extended vitality even with intensive use – there are more precise and durable comparison databases from four -speed (cut into the cross) made of brass or aluminum. The triple incision (see 2) is much more difficult and more expensive to make, but it provides a larger load -bearing surface (see 3), it is especially important when working with low diameter and full torque.

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