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Precise stream – Heblar DH 40 from Proxxon. The device is intended for shaping the thickness of wooden elements, especially useful in professional modeling, construction of architectural models, precise carpentry, antiques repair, etc.
Important features:

The load -bearing structure made of pressure aluminum casting with bearing and rollers.
The basis for the vibration and pure planing of soft and hard wood, with the effect of a noble and smooth surface.
Three times bearing a planing table (from a pressure aluminum casting, milled flat), which with a manual wheel (with an adjustable ring with a scale) can be drawn with an accuracy of 1/10mm.
Automatic, regular feed with protection against anti -tap: grooved, springing feeder album also transfers irregular workpieces.
The rubber roller protects the workpiece.
Precise roller with 2 knives for stream from HSS.
The switch and switch protected against dust with a protective function against re -start after stopping the power supply.

Technical data:

Power: 220 – 240V, 50/60Hz.
Power consumption: 200W,
planing thickness to 40mm,
planing width to 80mm,
maximum chip thickness up to 0.8mm,
rotational speed of 6,000 rpm,
feed speed 4.8 m/min,
Table length 232mm,
device size: 280 x 230 x 235mm,
mass approx. 8kg.
Art. PRN-27040.

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