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Proxxon belt belt grinder BS/A 1 Akum.2.6Ah suitcase Posses 29810


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The highest class tool for precise final processing of shapes, designed for grinding, cleaning and polishing. Ideal for work in hard to reach places, especially for processing internal surfaces. Designed for advanced professional applications.
Proxxon is a global leader in the production of mini tools, unlike the competition, not one – two devices on offer, but several dozen, and the BS/A model is the first battery model on the market, which has all the advantages of Proxxon micro -sulfides.

The high -quality 10.8V lithium -ion battery with a capacity of 2.6AH ensures performance at the level of standard tools with 230V network power supply.
One charging is at least 30 minutes of continuous work, even with maximum load. This is absolutely the best result in the classroom.
The tool is equipped with a special DC motor, precisely balanced, strong, durable and durable. In addition, it is characterized by extremely quiet work.

We are an authorized Proxxon salon, buying in our store you get a full 24 -month warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here.

Features of the BS/A model:

A special engine with increased flexibility and large torque (we recommend a small test – at minimal speeds of a cheap mini grinder you can easily stop it with your fingers by holding the head, in the case of Proxxon tools it is impossible), it is impossible),
Adjustable grinder arm that can be tilted by pressing the button up to 60 degrees.

rapid and easy replacement of tapes,
bearing and precise transmission mechanism,
Aluminum head body, made with the highest precision, ensuring many years of durability and ideal centricity of the device,
multiple bearings that reduce all vibrations,
very quiet, through, balancing engine, made of the highest quality materials,
smooth speed adjustment,
State pendant, a tripod,
glass fiber reinforced housing,
special shape of the housing enabling a pen holder,
small mass (up to half as much as cheap counterparts),
durable and practical suitcase,

Technical data of mini grinders BS/A:

Power supply: 10.8V battery; 2.6Ah;
Turnover: 200 – 700 with smooth regulation;
Total length: 380mm (with a battery);
Weight: 900 grams (with a battery);
grinding tape: 10x330mm (useful sanding surface 10x110mm).

In delivery:
– BS/A grinder,
– 1 10.8V battery; 2.6Ah,
– charger,
– a set of 4 Szlifeir tapes (2 pieces of gradation 80 and 180),
– suitcase.

A tool packed in a durable suitcase with a handle.

Here are only selected advantages of Proxxon:

over 30 years of experience in the production of micro tools,
specialization – the company builds only micro – precise tools,
own research center – continuous improvement of products,
production located in the European Union,
The parts used for production are specially designed for this type of device.

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