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Voltage indicator YATO 12 – 250 V YT -28630


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Yato voltage indicator. Designed for installers and services from the electrical and electrical industry. The meter allows you to indicate the variable current in the range from 12-250 V with its nominal value and detection of 220V voltage in wires.

The indicator has a steel tip (a 2.9 mm flat tip allows you to reach small elements precisely),
housing with voltage display,
Contact test socket and an induction test socket,


voltage contact measurement from 12 to 220V (by touching the isolated element under the voltage),
induction measurement (by touching or bringing the indicator to the insulated element, e.g. a cable, located under 220-230V),
wire continuity test,
grounding test,
The display shows nominal voltage values ​​of 12, 36, 55, 110 and 220 V in a growing series, which means that at 220 V all smaller indications are visible.

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