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Benning ppoling expert new voltage sampler


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Professional voltage indicator Benning Model Dspol Expert.
The DUPOL® voltage indicators are equipped with a direct display system without loading the measuring point. If you need to connect the load, we will do this by pressing the buttons, thanks to which we will suppress an induction and capacitive buzz. In this way, we can easily distinguish a circuit with large and low energy. In addition, vibrations are activated. The vibration intensity increases in proportion to the voltage used. This is an additional indication of the voltage used. The generation of the DUSPOL® test instruments once again emphasizes the experience of Benning in the field of testing, measuring and protective instruments. Along with the sampler of the DUPOL® voltage, you acquire an innovative product that has been checked and approved by VDE and the Certification Institute. Studier tests are the Product Safety at the highest level:

Direct display without pressing the buttons,
Load connected by pressing the buttons (low -andant test),
electrical connections test – acoustic signal and LEDs,
vibrating alarm in the measuring probe,
backlighting of the measuring point,
Tested and approved according to the requirements of the international standard IEC/EN 61243-3 (DIN VDE 0682-401)
high impedance with voltage measurement without pressed buttons,
Connected load circuit, parasitic capacity and inductance do not affect the device indications by using two buttons to connect the load,
Safety switch fi triggered at 30 mA current,
indication of the sequence of phase in the three -phase network with the help of arrows (right/left),
safe phase voltage control,
backlighting of the measuring point,
resistant to shocks, dustproof and splashproof (protection degree IP 64),
Automatically illuminated LCD display with lighting intensity sensor.

Technical parameters of the device:

Reading: LEDs,
voltage measurement range: 12 – 1000V,
connections test: yes, acoustic signal + LCD 100 kohm,
phase order control: yes/LCD,
phase voltage control: yes/LCD,
polarization control: yes/LED,
Measurement attached with buttons: LS = 200MA (750V DC),
30 has a fag liberation with the button: Yes,
vibration alarm: yes,
Measurement point backlight: YES / LED,
Protection degree: IP 64

Benning is one of the leading global manufacturers of diagnostic and measuring equipment in the automotive industry, in industry and electrical engineering. During its almost 70-year history, the company won the most demanding, professional customers who find instruments that meet their expectations and needs. Thanks to their experience in the field of testing, measuring and protecting products from Benning’s products, Benning’s products are characterized by reliability, universality and, what is very important – the safety of the user. The Benning offer includes voltage sampling, digital meters, core current measures, device for measuring, resistance, resistance, consequences phases, short -circuit impedance, differential and current switches, low -voltage measures. Some of them have the option of a contactless phase voltage location. Benning products are covered by a 2-year warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here.

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