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Milwaukee shw xl box (TX) stroke set – 75 pcs. 4932471588


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A set of 75 pieces of Milwaukee from the Shockwave Impact Duty line. A set containing the largest amount of TORX bits in the most popular sizes T20, T25 and T30 (12 pieces each size each).
Shockwave Impact Duty ™ is a complete program of drilling and mounting accessories, perfect for professional applications, even ideal for hard work in cooperation with impact devices.

Shock Zone geometry – designed to be flexible.
Shock Zone geometry reduces stress at the tip, making it more resistant to fracture.
The combination of Shock Zone and special heat treatment absorbs strokes and allows the bit to bend like a spring.
The forged and pressed beaten head provides the best fit to the screw, without jumping and ripping it, which extends the period of durability.
Steel developed according to the specification – Milwaukee® Non -standard metal composition makes Shockwave bits more resistant to shock at impact.
The set is packed in a durable cassette made of high -colored plastic closed with a zipper.

Contents of the set:

Bits Shockwave Impact Duty length 25mm: – Cross: 1x PH1 – 2x PH2; – Cross: 1x PZ1 – 3x PZ2 – 1x PZ3; – TORX: 2x TX10 – 4x TX15 – 12x TX20 – 12x TX25 – 12x TX30 – 2x TX40 – 1x TX50; – TORX: 1x TX BO7 – 1x TX BO8 – 1x TX BO9 – 1x TX BO10 – 1x TX BO15; – Hex: 1x hex 4 mm – 1x hex 5 mm; – flat: 2x SL 0.6×4.5 – 2x SL 0.8×5.5 – 2x SL 1.2×6.5;
Bits shockwave impact duty length 50mm: – cross 1x pH – 1x PZ1; – cross: 1x PZ2; – TORX: TX10 – 2x TX15 – 2x TX20 – 2x TX25 – 2x TX30;
Shockwave ™ 48 mm impact attachments: Hex 8 mm – 10 mm;
Shockwave ™ 60 mm magnetic handle.

We are an authorized Milwaukee partner as part of the Polish distribution network. You are interested in the Milwaukee product – write or call us, we will help in choosing, we will advise and if you want to prepare an individual offer.

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