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Flipbit Wolfcraft assembly kit 7 part.Bits + Napertak 3085000


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Flipbit Wolfcraft assembly kit 7 part. 3086000. Flipbit is a system of assembly of tools in a universal handle for accelerating and facilitating two -stage assembly works consisting in drilling, chamfering and turning.
The 3085000 set contains selected tools that allow the use of the Flipbit system when making various projects to a wide range. The tools contained in it are 1/4 “bits and a drill with a deeperator. The 3085000 set is complemented by a 3082000 or all-in-one base kit 3086000. It can also be used alone or with a regular 1/4” bits handle.
Composition of the set:

6 bits of 1/4 “tips: PH1, PH2, PZ1, PZ2, TORX T15, T20,
1 3.2 mm drill with 12 mm deepening.

Flipbit Wolfcraft system
The basis of the Flipbit system is the handle attached to the screwdriver head and the double -sided rapidly variable handle for tools: drills, bits, dealers. In the screwdriver permanently placed in the head of the screwdriver, a double -sided tool holder with the necessary tools is placed, e.g. drill and bit. In the first position, we drill the hole, then turn the tool holder 180 degrees and screw in the screw. Flipbit definitely accelerates the work and extends the life of the screwdriver head (there is no need to unscrew and screw the tools in the handle behind the action). Flipbit also has another important feature: it is definitely shorter than other similar products, which facilitates maneuvering the screwdriver during work and a much better thoughtful tool handle fastening system.

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