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Magnetic Generator

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Generator working with 100% magnetic energy. The generator does not have a fuel unit. It does not include any storage space. So it does not have any battery system.
The generator has a total of 8  – 220v electrical sockets and produces a total of 5500 Watts (5.5 Kw)  of energy and transmits it directly to the outside through 8 sockets. (Watch the promotional video)
Its total weight is around 55 kg and it can be carried easily thanks to its small size.
Since the generator does not have any internal combustion engine and works with the electricity it produces, it does not emit any gas and is environmentally friendly. however, it is as dangerous as a household appliance we use at home. That is, it is quite safe and healthy. Since it creates an endless loop, it will continue to work forever unless you turn it off.
Since the generator does not have a combustion engine, it only makes a spinning sound at the rotation speed of the electric motor, other than that it does not make any noise and is very quiet. You can easily keep it in your room and use it without disturbing anyone in the environment.
If your electric vehicles offer on-the-go charging, you can easily store them in your trunk and charge your vehicle on the go

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