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74 mm Wolfcraft 5969000 carbon steel holes


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Wolfcraft 74 mm in diameter in diameter.Recommended especially for dry building systems.

for drilling the following materials: plateboard plates, soft wood, OSB boards, plywood, chipboard,
A new blade profile in a crown specially adapted for drilling in dry building systems, precise and fast at the same time,
It has a hexagonal fastening pin that matches all drills and battery screwdrivers equipped with a minimum handle of 10 mm.
Precise and clean cuts thanks to the special geometry of the centering faecing,
Easy removal of the drill core from the drill crown,
Thanks to the three -teeth groups, also suitable for battery tools with a low torque.

Technical parameters:

Hole diameter: 74 mm,
drilling depth: 30 mm,
Fastening mandrel: hexagonal.

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