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Wolfcraft FKS 115 6910000 disc hirlow


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The universal and precise -the new guide of Wolfcraft FKS 115 is a perfect complement to a handball saw. It allows for precise cutting on a straight line, oblique cutting and with a tilted saw.

Universal – fits all hand -available types of discs available in trade with a cutting depth up to 66 mm and the size of the base max. 200×385 mm,
for precise, simple and long cuts, also cuts at an angle,
For cutting or shortening kitchen countertops, doors, etc.
The rubber overlay reduces the risk of movement of the guide and at the same time determines the cutting lines, guaranteeing high precision,
Fast and convenient installation of a saw saw only requires one united adjustment,
A non -slip pad and 2 fixing clamps provide some and stable guide mounting,
Also for cutting in the surfaces more away from the edges and to make cuts at an angle,
Complete: 2 clamps,
Size: 1150 x 220 x 3mm,
Packaging: cardboard,
Quality guaranteed! If the tool fails within 5 years of purchase, it will be replaced free of charge. The warranty conditions can be found here.

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FZ40 spring clamps are used to hold, squeeze various types of elements.

Moving clamping jaws ensure a perfect fit to the fastened surfaces,
with a V -shaped groove to attach round objects,
Cramp range up to 60mm.

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