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Winbag x 4, lifting pillow, assembly, lift original


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Winbag® is a universal assembly pillow.A set of 4 pieces.To lift objects of up to 135kg, also for leveling and positioning when installing heavy or large items.Facilitates and speeds up work.
Winbag® is unlimited adjustment possibilities when performing such works as:

installation of Windows,
door installation,
Installation of countertops, window sills,
Furniture leveling,
Household appliances leveling,
other applications.

Thanks to Winbag®, you can do the work quickly and yourself without involving an additional person.
Original product, Made in Denmark.
Only 2mm of the minimum thickness – it’s easy to insert the pillow into even a small gap.
Load capacity strength: 135kg.
Dimensions: 150 x 160mm.
Thickness: from 2 to 50mm.
Material: Reinforced fiber with a triple weld.
A set of 4 pieces.

See a movie presenting the possibilities of Winbag® pillow