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Winbag Max x 4 lifting, assembly pillow, lift original


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Winbag® Max is a universal assembly pillow. A set of 4 pieces. To raise objects of up to 250kg, also for leveling and positioning during installation of heavy or large items. Facilitates and speeds up work.
Winbag® is unlimited adjustment possibilities when performing such works as:

installation of Windows,
door installation,
Installation of countertops, window sills,
Furniture leveling,
Household appliances leveling,
other applications.

Thanks to Winbag® Max, you can do the work quickly and yourself without involving an additional person.
Winbag Max equipped with a 150 cm long hose and a suction cup, this solution allows for constant observation of the positioned element and using the pillow at the same time without having to take your eyes off. Particularly important when working with large dimensions.
Original product, Made in Denmark.
Only 2mm of the minimum thickness – it’s easy to insert the pillow into even a small gap.
The length of the hose connecting the pillow with the pump – 1500 mm.
Total length from pillow to the pump – 1920 mm.
Load capacity: 250kg.
Pillow dimensions: 240 x 240 mm.
Thickness: from 2 to 70 mm
Material: Reinforced fiber with a triple weld.

See a movie presenting the possibilities of Winbag® pillow (Winbag standard version in the movie)