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Welding clothing, sweatshirt and lahti pro navy blue size m (b) l4140322


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Welding clothing, a set of sweatshirt and Lahti Pro pants in navy blue. Purchasted protective work clothing during welding and in related processes, resistant to hot and flame factors.

It protects against inflammation as a result of short -term contact with the flame (level of effectiveness A1+A2), the impact of convection heat (level of effectiveness B1) and heat radiation (level of effectiveness C1).
Made of thick cotton fabric with a special satin weave and hard -to -finish finish.
Hard -like threads.
Protection class 1 (minor splashes of molten metal).
Clothing meets the requirements of the standards: EN ISO 11611: 2015, EN ISO 11612: 2015, EN ISO 13688: 2013.
Material: 100%cotton, weight 320g/m2.


Fastened with pleat buttons.
Internal pocket closed with a zipper.
Adjusting the width at the bottom of the sweatshirt with an elastic band.
Cuffs fastened with indoor pressures.

Pants – gardeners:

Pants have 4 pockets, including 1 internal closed with a zipper.
Additional strengthening of the seams in the crotch.
Waist width adjustment with an elastic band.
Braces with length adjustment with a fastener and elastic

Product dimensions:

Size: M HEAD B,
height (H): 170 – 176 cm,
belt circumference (W): 92 – 100 cm,
Chest circumference (C): 104 – 112 cm.

Size table:

EN ISO 13688 – protective clothing – general requirements. This international standard specifies the general requirements regarding the implementation, in the field of ergonomics, harmlessness, marking, aging, compatibility and marking of protective clothing and information that the manufacturer should provide with the product. This international standard is intended for use only in combination with other standards specifying the requirements for a specific performance and cannot be used as an independent base document.
Classes of welding clothing were completed two classes of welding clothing with strictly defined requirements for the effectiveness of protection. Individual clothing classes were assigned, in accordance with the EN ISO 11611 standard, the type of welding process used and the characteristics of activities (type of supported machines) performed at a given workplace, which allows the appropriate selection of protective clothing for welders.

Class 1 – provides protection against less dangerous welding techniques and situations causing the slight impact of melted metal splashes and thermal radiation.
Class 2 – provides protection against more dangerous welding techniques and situations that cause a significant impact of hot factors.

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