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Veritas cone flutker 3 pcs 6mm, 8mm, 10mm 05J05.50


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A set of 3 professional conical flutcoats from Veritas 05J0550. For making plugs (dowels) for ideal masking mounting holes.

The set includes flutroots 6mm, 8mm, 10mm.
The cut out part (increases the diameter) at 3 degrees, which makes it perfectly adapt to the hole.
The design provides ideal centricity of made plugs.
Possibility of sharpening repeatedly, attached sharpening instructions.
Round handle in diameter 10mm.
Manufacturer’s name: Veritas® Tapered Snow-Plug® Cutters.
The model patented by Veritas Tools.

Veritas® Tools Inc. with its registered office in Ottawa in Canada is a world leader in the field of innovation in the design of woodworking tools. Thanks to the range of over 250 innovative products: streams, sharpening instruments, route and measuring tools as well as Veritas accessories is a leader in the development of advanced tools for carpenters.

Veritas products are designed and made with extraordinary care for quality and functionality, they are distinguished by excellent precision, the highest ergonomics and exceptional durability. Veritas tools have gained the position of a market leader and are valued by professional carpenters around the world.