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Tools for pruning and assembly of Wolfcraft slats set 3 cz.6977000


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A set of three Wolfcraft tools designed for trimming and mounting of slats, e.g. when laying the floor from floor panels. It allows you to cut the slats faster and more accurately and then stick them.

The set consists of 3 tools:

Adjustable fitting and 2in1 uciosowa box.
Japanese saw for wood 240 mm.
Wolfcraft mg 200 ergo ergo silicone squeezer.

The set in a dedicated, aesthetic cardboard box is perfect for a gift.

1. Adjustable fitting and 2in1 wolfcraft 6948000 cambox. For mapping and carrying the angle of the walls and precise cutting of slats.

2-in-1 combines 2 functions:- fitting for mapping and carrying angle of walls in the range of 85 to 180 °,- cuts for precise cutting boards cutting with a hand saw (up to 70 mm of strip),
material width max 28mm,
Also perfect for cutting finishing letters, frames, frames, in modeling, etc.
Metal saw guides for greater precision and durability of the tool.

An extremely simple and functional tool, in a few steps, even a beginner fitter, will allow you to precisely reproduce and cut the skirting boards.
Coury walls, uneven angles are no longer a problem! Enough:

applied to the selected corner in the room (it may be an internal or external horn in the range of 85 to 180 °),
Using the button, block the box in a given position,
Place the strip in the box and cut the Japanese saw included in the set.

2. Japanese saw with 240 mm wolfcraft blade. Designed for precise cutting of wood.

intended for wood, skirting boards as well as plastics,
double -sided tool steel, stainless steel, stainless steel,
large, convenient handle of a 2-component material,
Useful length of the blade: 240 mm.

3. Mechanical MG 200 gun for squeezing silicones and acrylic masses from Wolfcraft.

It is used to squeeze with a 310 ml tube (Ø 50 x 225 mm) of various substances such as silicones, acrylic masses, construction foams, mounting adhesives and many others,
strong construction made of plastic reinforced with glass fiber,
tube fixing sleeve ending with a rotary collar to ensure the optimal position of the hand during work,
ergonomically designed handle minimizing fatigue during work,
Quick and easy replacement of the tube thanks to the innovative fastening mechanism,
With the automatic drip lock function – it prevents uncontrolled departure of the sealing mass during breaks at work.

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