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Tester, 12V YATO YT-8311 battery meter


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Tester, 12 V battery meter. For use on the automotive service.
Used for:

checking the battery condition (battery consumption),
battery performance under load,
the degree of battery charge,
performing the battery charging test,
starting the starter test.

Technical data:

operating temperature: 0-40 ° C,
voltage: 0-16 V,
Measurement time: 10 s,
Measurement method: digital,
DC voltage (DC): 12 V,
CCCA cold engine boot current: 150-1400 A,
Battery type: wet (wet),
Rated current: 100 A,
Weight: 1.0 kg.
12 months warranty.The warranty conditions can be found here.

A detailed way of performing tests is described in the user manual, which can be downloaded below.

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