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Steinel HL1920E 2000W ELECTRONIC, 3 gears + temperature control


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Osowanka of the German company Steinel, a world leader in the production of heating tools. It has 3 gears, smooth temperature adjustment in 9 ranges. A modern design with electronic temperature control and solid construction ensure permanent operation in a professional service or workshop.

A sunbathe can be done with all work that requires a temperature up to 600 ° C, including those requiring the use of specialized, narrow-legged reduction nozzles, including:

Filling joints when connecting carpets, welding of plastic elements,

Soldering using tin.

Wrapping the furniture edges


Bending and shaping plastic elements.

Burrying of thermocurcinate pipes.


Supply voltage: 230V,
Rated power: 2000W,

Temperatures and air expenditure: run I – 150 l/min., 50 ° C (cold gear), gear II – 150-300 l/min., 80 – 600 ° C – regulated electronically in 9 positions, gear III – 300– 500 l/min., 80 – 600 ° C – electronically adjustable in 9 positions,

Mass: 840g.

Packaging: cardboard.

The advantages of the HL1920E model:

36 months warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here.

Temperature setting in 9 ranges with a large knob.

3-speed blower control.

Blow of cold air for fast cooling when replacing the nozzle.

Electronic temperature control.

Thermal fuse.

Ergonomic, soft handle.

Soft leg that ensures stability of the setting.

Air inlet with a protective mesh.

V2A stainless steel outlet pipe.

Durable cable in rubber insulation.

It is possible to keep in your hands or put hot air up.

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