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Steinel HG2420 E OPEW


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Professional straight opaller of the German company Steinel, a world leader in the production of heating tools. Modern construction with smooth temperature control, effective heater protection and a dust filter. Recommended for industrial applications, for continuous work.
The advantages of the HG 2420 E:

36 months warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here.

The temperature can be set smoothly in 9 ranges with a knob.

Heater protection – thermal fuse.

Built -in inlet air filter.
Possibility to use narrow slotted and reduction nozzles with a 30mm diameter input for professional nozzles.
A engine with a life of 1000 hours.
Blow of cold air to quickly cool the nozzle and cooling the heating element.

Ergonomic handle with rubberized inserts.

Low mass.
Possibility of easy assembly on stands and tripods.

Durable cable in rubber insulation.

V2A stainless steel outlet pipe.
Packaging: suitcase.


Power voltage: 230V.

Rated power: 2200W.

Temperature: 80 – 650 ° C.

Air expenditure:
– Run I – 150 – 200 l/min. – Run II – 200 – 400 l/min.

Exit pipe of 30mm in diameter (for professional nozzles).

Mass: 610g.

Dimensions: 357 x 75 x 89mm.

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