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Stanley Tstak II FMST1-71966 power tools


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Stanley Tstak II power tool box. The gearbox is part of the professional fully configurable Tstak system. Crates can be combined with any elements of the Tstak system as well as used yourself.
Features of the Testak II chest:

A 13.5 l box equipped with a foam for storing power tools or accessories with the possibility of closing to the padlock.
Two horizontal and vertical transfer handles (see photos in the gallery).
Testak and is dedicated as the culmination (upper element) of the transport system.


Length: 44.00cm.
Width: 33.17cm
Height: 17.60cm.

Testak system features:

The new system of modular Testak modular boxes designed for professionals, offers true universality – regardless of tasks.
Full of user -friendly functions, he is an ideal partner at work, will allow you to do it quickly and professionally.
Each module has strong hooks for quick and easy combination and disconnection of crates. You can build your own storage system.
Tstak I and Tstak II are equipped with configurable foam inserts that can be easily adapted to storage of power tools and accessories.
The system also contains drawers with removable containers, adjustable organizers, transparent covers and much more.
Provides safe storage of small parts, accessories, hand tools and power tools.
Durable construction with metal buckles and strong handles.
It contains foam inserts, plastic compartments and removable containers depending on the model.
The driving platform compatible with all TSTAK boxes guarantees maximum mobility.
The system of connecting boxes is simple and fast to use.
Ideal even for transporting a passenger car in the trunk – the set can be quickly unfolded into single crates and organizers.

Sample set of boxes of the Tstak system:

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