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Stanley Fatmax 1650W disc saw;190mm;cutting up to 66mm FME301-QS


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Stanley Fatmax 1650W disc saw with a 190mm shield. It has the ability to cut with a depth of up to 66mm and cutting at an angle. The shield with 18 teeth, longitudinal cutting guide. Recommended for professional use in craft and service.

The cutting depth up to 66 mm allows for quick and easy transverse, longitudinal and oblique cutting.
A powerful 1650 W engine that allows for the versatility of applications.
Easy to use, integrated system setting system.
Set (reduced or increased) cutting depth ensures optimal work.
The cylindrical handle provides better control and greater accuracy.
The spindle lock allows you to easily replace the saw.
Attached shield with 18 -sintered carbides – longer life and better edge quality after cutting.
The switch protection prevents accidental start.
The possibility of cutting from the vertical deviation ensures the versatility of applications.
The dust suction adapter ensures cleanliness in the workplace.
Long power cord – 4m.

Technical parameters:

Power voltage: 230V, 50Hz.
Power: 1650W.
Maximum cutting depth: 66mm.
Speed ​​without load 5500 rpm.
Direction angle from the vertical adjustable in the range: 0-45 °.
Delighting accessories: yes
Shield with sintered carbide: yes, 190mm, 18 teeth.
Weight: 4.1kg.

Delivery range:

FME301K saw,
shield with 18-sintered carbides,
longitudinal cutting guide,
connection to the vacuum cleaner pipe,
The key to replacing the discs,
Packaging: cardboard.

Warranty 3 years
You can receive a 3 -year warranty for all Stanley Fatmax power tools. To receive such a guarantee, you must only register the product on the manufacturer’s website (link here) within 30 days from the date of purchase. The warranty conditions can be found here.

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