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Screwdriver – pH1 90mm shockwave milwaukee


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Screwdriver – pH1 90mm 1/4 impact bit “Shockwave Milwaukee.
Shockwave Impact Duty ™ is a line of accessories not only ideal for severe impact applications, but a full system of solutions for drilling and mounting.

patented metal composition, ensures a limitation of shocks on the impact,
Shock Zone geometry – greater flexibility, less likely to damage the tip,
Thanks to the forged and pressed head, the beaten perfectly adapts to the screw head, eliminating jumps and ripping the tip, which extends the period of durability,
Works great when working in hard to reach places,
made of the best materials,
precisely made.

Technical data:

Size: PH1,
total length 90mm,
handle standard: 1/4 “,
Material: steel.

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