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Scheppa BCAG125-20PROS 20V – set – charger, 1 x battery.3.0ah 5909220092


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Scheppach BCAG1255-20PROS 20V – set – SETAPACH SCHAPPACH BCAGPACH SMEPPACH ACTIVERBLE – SCHEPPACH SMEPPACH SMEPPACH – SCHAGE – STER – SET, 1 x ACCUMULATOR 3.0AH. One of the basic tools in each workshop, for cutting and grinding metals, ceramics, building materials, etc.

An excellent tool for efficient performance of precise grinding works without tangled cables.
Thanks to the brushless engine, the Schepps angle grinder reaches higher speed with a simultaneous smaller battery energy consumption, thus the work efficiency is clearly higher than in models with coal brushes. In addition, the brushless engine is more durable and does not require service (periodic replacement of brushes).
The angle grinder has been designed to work with standard grinding discs with a diameter of 125 mm.
The machine is equipped with a 3-stage, adjustable handle, thanks to which it can be used by both right and left-handed people.
The key to unscrewing the shield hidden in the tool handle – will never get lost again.
Professional protection with a safety switch – increased protection against injuries.
The angle grinder is part of the 20PROS SCHROPPACH SCHPPy system – all 20PROS machines and batteries are mutually compatible and replaceable.
Purpose: DIY, hobby, independent renovation, also for professional use in craft and service as a supporting tool.

Delivery range:

BCAG125-20PROS angle grinder,
1 x 3.0AH 20V accumulator,
Packaging: cardboard.

Technical data:

Dimensions (length x width x height): 350 x 150 x 115 mm
Diameter of the grinder: 125 mm.
The diameter of the hole in the shield: 22 mm.
Thread: M14.
Target speed 8500 rpm.
Net weight (without batteries): 1.8 kg.

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