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Proxxon Thermocut 650 – 27084 Polish warranty cutter cutter


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The thermocut 650 Styrofoam cutter is a reputable company Proxxon. Designed for the production of architectural models, for designers, decorators, artists and modelers, for the production of prototypes, letters and characters, for classic models (trains, planes, ships). In a word, for anyone who needs to precisely cut out the shapes of polystyrene with perfectly even and smooth surfaces.
The Thermocut 650 cutter works with a hot wire, which melts the cut material, leaving a smooth and even surface. The cutter guarantees fast and efficient operation – the heating time of the wire is just 1 second. Built -in separating transformer and class II isolation guarantee total work safety.

The hot element is under safe voltage max. 40V and 1.2A.
Depending on the processed material, the temperature is selected with a practical control knob and remains constant during operation.
Flat support surface and side hole folded with a screw clamp that allows for stationary work. The cutter can be mounted on the top of the work table in the “up” wire position.
A telescopic arm with a 400 – 650mm length adjustment range, a cutting depth up to 200mm. The spring in the shoulder ensures constant wire voltage regardless of its temperature.
It works with a 230V 50Hz voltage, you don’t need a power supply.
The set includes a screw clamp and a spool with 30m cutting wire Ø 0.2mm.
Spare cutting wire with catalog number 28080 can be purchased separately. Our offer here.

Technical data:

Power supply: 230V, 50Hz.
Secondary voltage max. 40V, 1.2A.
Cutting wire temperature Ø 0.2mm in the range from 100 to 350 ° C.
Weight 850g.
Class II isolation.

We are an authorized Proxxon salon, buying in our store you get a full 24 -month warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here.

Here are only selected advantages of Proxxon:

over 30 years of experience in the production of mini tools,

specialization – the company builds only mini – tools,

own research center – continuous improvement of products,

production located in the European Union,

The parts used for production are specially designed for this type of device.

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