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Protective suit, working size M econ 46188


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ECON protective overalls. Hooded overalls made of polypropylene nonwoven with a weight of 50g/m2.

Dirty works, garden works, car repair, preliminary work in painting, visiting workplaces, guests’ overalls, construction works, industrial coatings, inspections of machinery and equipment, protection against dust harmless to health, protection of work and daily clothing, hobby.

Important features:

Designed to protect against dirt during light work, e.g. in workshops and other industries.
The overalls combine basic protection against permanent particles with a high level of comfort.
Rubber cuffs on the sleeves, legs and hood
Ergonomic, three -part hood.
A waist elastic that ensures optimal fit of the body’s overalls.
Last zipper cover extended to the chin.
Outlock outer seams for greater tightness.
A spacious cut with a strengthening wedge.
Material: polypropylene fabric with a weight of 50g/m2
Protection against contamination of radioactive particles (EN1073-2)
Antichemical protective clothing – category III
The overalls have a CE mark given in accordance with Directive 89/686/EEC in accordance with category 1 requirements (CAT I).
Manufactured by 3S Arbeitssschutz GmbH, Dusseildorf, Germany.

Product dimensions:

size M,
Height: 164 – 176 cm.

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