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Industrial vacuum cleaner Starmix ISC L-1425 TOP EWS + Borhfix attachment for dust-free drilling


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Professional industrial vacuum cleaner from Starmix ISC ARD L-1425 TOP with EWS equipment package. For cleaning dust formed during construction in cardboard technology and cleaning at the construction site and in the workshop.
This vacuum cleaner is the successor of the well -known and valued IS ARD 1225 model. The vacuum cleaner belongs to the IS series – vacuum cleaners created especially for vacuuming directly on working devices, such as sandblasting machines and cutting and drilling machines. Two cassettes with filters placed parallel to the engine axis above the suction pipe guarantee long periods of operation. The filter system (polyester / hepa) guarantees stopping up to 99.995% dust.

Are you a professional? Are you looking for an even better offer?
See the new Starmix ISC ARD L -1625 TOP vacuum cleaner – a 200W more powerful engine, greater air flow and suction power, our offer here.

Product features:

A special tank with a capacity of 25 liters,
A switch in a tank that allows you to work with open polyethylene bags of multiple use. From now on, it is possible to work with a one -time filter sack (paper or microfiber) and reusable polyethylene sack. Always possible motionless work.
The tank plug enabling the transport of a vacuum cleaner along with waste inside the tank.
Better suction parameters with the same engine power.
More accessories handles, also for ∅49 mm accessories.
2 large wheels, 2 lead rollers,
Handling handle and a hook for a cable,
A place to store organs and small parts,
Automatic electromagnetic filter shaking (switched on the switch after stopping the vacuum cleaner),
Smooth suction power control,
high stability (low center of gravity),
Air stream intensity,
Mild start, smooth switching off,
Nest for connecting power tools with an automatic switch on/ off,
power cord 8 meters long in rubber insulation,
An electronic sensor turning off the device excessively filled with water,
Antistatic equipment,
2x cassette with harmonica filter with polyester FKP 4300 (2x 4300 cm2 = 8600 cm2 filter surface).
The vacuum cleaner has a 36-month warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here.

Technical data:

Power: 1400 Watts,
Air flow max.: 73 l/sec,
Maxal vacuum: 270 mbar,
electromagnetic shake filter: yes,
smooth sucking force: yes,
mild start and shutdown: yes,
Power cord: 8MB of length, rubber insulation,
Tank capacity max.: 25 l gross, 20 l dust, 15 l water,
Filters: 2 polyester pieces, filtering surface 8600 cm2,
Dimensions: 46x 40x 53.5 cm,
Weight: 12.2 kg,
Connection power of the power tool max.: 2400 W.

Accessories: EWS package

1x suction hose (Ø 35mmx 5m),
1x rubber adapter for connecting power tools (narrowing)
1x stainless steel suction holder with an air valve,
2x stainless steel extension (each 48cm);
1x slotted nozzle (21cm);
1x Professional floor brush with hair insert (37cm)
Protection class I

The ideal addition to the vacuum cleaner is the bohrfixx dust -free drilling attachment.

extremely effective dust distract during drilling,
the base maintained by the vacuum cleaner’s vacuum enabling ideal drilling,
Solid construction.

About the manufacturer: Starmix is ​​one of the largest manufacturers of professional industrial vacuum cleaners in the world. It is famous for its excellent technical and high quality solutions, which is best confirmed by the fact that Starmix produces vacuum cleaners for the best brands in the world, such as: Bosch, Metabo, Makita. Our company is an authorized seller of Starmix vacuum cleaners within the Polish sales network. By buying from us you receive 36 months of a Polish warranty.

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