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Industrial vacuum cleaner Starmix ipulse L-1635 TOP EWS for continuous work


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Professional industrial vacuum cleaner from Starmix iPulse L-1635 TOP with EWS equipment package. Ideal for work with “giraffe” when processing cardboard plasterboard .. This vacuum cleaner is intended for continuous operation, equipped with an innovative system of automatic auto -cooking IPULSE filters during normal operation. Ideal for work with “giraffe” when processing cardboard plasterboard.
A vacuum cleaner created especially for vacuuming directly on working devices, such as sandblasting machines and cutting, grinding and drilling machines. Two cassettes with filters placed parallel to the engine axis above the suction pipe guarantee long periods of operation. The latest line of ipulse L-1635 TOP vacuum cleaners compared to its predecessor, extremely popular and valued by professionals of the ISP ARDL-1635i Pulse professionals, the following features have gained:

A switch in a tank that allows you to work with open polyethylene bags of multiple use. From now on, it is possible to work with a one -time filter sack (paper or microfiber) and reusable polyethylene sack. Always possible motionless work;
Factory -located rails for mounting a Tanos Systainer, now you can take tools, electronic tool, accessories in combined with a vacuum cleaner, together with a vacuum cleaner,
convenient handle – a pushing headband, a vacuum cleaner,
tank plug enabling transport of a vacuum cleaner along with waste inside the tank without the risk of scattering content;
side handles with belts for mounting a suction hose with the possibility of installing the relings to Systainer (optional);
better suction parameters with the same engine power;
More accessories handles. Now also for ∅49 mm accessories;

In addition, all the advantages of the older model were maintained:

Automatic shaking of filters with electromagnetic impulses thanks to the Permanent Clear system – continuous operation, without any breaks,
New, more efficient engine with 1600W,
iPulse – an even better “intelligent” vacuum cleaner thanks to the new shaking system, which is controlled by two air flow sensors, before and behind the filter. Now shaking is even faster and stronger and starts only in the case of filters clogging (and not, for example, in the case of clogging the pipe). The iPulse system extends the life of a vacuum cleaner and guarantees high effectiveness of dust suction.
2 x cassette with polyester filters FKP 4300 (2 x 4300 cm2 = 8600 cm 2 filter surfaces)
A 35 -liter plastic tank,
Higher efficiency compared to the ISP ARDL-1635 vacuum cleaner thanks to greater air flow and higher suction power.
Protection against overflow,
Sensor turning off the device excessively filled with water,
Nest for connecting power tools with an automatic switch on/ off,
Liquid, stepless suction regulation,
Mild start, smooth switching off,
Long power cord, up to 8 MB in durable and thick rubber insulation,
2 large wheels, 2 lead rollers,
Handling handle and a hook for a cable,
Built -in accessories storage space,
The vacuum cleaner has a 36-month warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here.

Technical data:

Power: 1600 Watts,
Air flow max.: 75 l/sec, (in the ARDL-1635 there were 64 l/sec, i.e. +17%),
Maxal vacuum: 280 mbar, (in the ARDL-1635 there were 259 mbar, or +8%),
electromagnetic shake filter: yes,
ipulse system – yes,
smooth sucking force: yes,
mild start and shutdown: yes,
Power cord: 8MB of length, rubber insulation,
Tank capacity max.: 35 l gross, 25 l dust, 22 l water,
Filters: 2x polyester filter. Medical class M, total filtration surface 8600 cm2,
Dimensions: 92 (with a headband) x 40 x 53 cm,
Weight: 16.8 kg,
Connection power of the power tool max.: 2400 W.

Accessories: high -class EWS package based on elements made of stainless steel:

1 x suction hose (Ø 35 mm x 5 m) – SX413235,
1 x rubber adapter for connecting power tools (narrowing) – SX425719,
1 x stainless steel elbow with air valve – SX421445,
2 x stainless steel extension (each 48 cm) – SX424842,
1 x crevice nozzle (21 cm) – SX417011,
1 x Professional floor brush with bristle insert (37 cm) – SX414706.

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