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HOLEBLE HOLEBLE TO STEELS 40 mm Wolfcraft 5965000


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Wolfcraft 40 mm in diameter in diameter.Recommended especially for dry building systems.

for drilling the following materials: plateboard plates, soft wood, OSB boards, plywood, chipboard,
A new blade profile in a crown specially adapted for drilling in dry building systems, precise and fast at the same time,
It has a fastening pin with a 1/4 hexagonal profile “matching all drills and battery screwdrivers as well as screwdrivers and bits for 1/4” bits,
Precise and clean cuts thanks to the special geometry of the centering faecing,
Easy removal of the drill core from the drill crown,
Thanks to the three -teeth groups, also suitable for battery tools with a low torque.

Technical parameters:

Hole diameter: 40 mm,
drilling depth: 30 mm,
Fastening mandrel: 1/4 hexagonal “.

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