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Hervisa concrete vibration kit – Perles: Vibrant mace AM 42 4MB and CMP Rotary electric drive


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Concrete vibration kit. CMP Rotary electric drive and AM42 Buława with Hervisa – Perles 4MB roller. Professional concrete compaction devices for work with concrete with a volume of up to 20m3.

1. AM42 vibration mace with a 4MB roller by Hervisa – Perles. Professional concrete compaction device for work with an average amount of concrete mass, e.g. during construction, renovation, etc. The AM roll series have a flexible roller structure, in which vibrations are created by mechanical transfer of flexible turnover “spindle” from the electric drive to the roll and hidden in her eccentric (embankment with an asymmetrical structure). The most popular drive unit is an electric drive – a model called CMP and 2 kW power, which equals almost 3 mechanical horses. You can also use a CG combustion drive with a 4 HPD engine. Technical data:

Type: AM42,
Roll diameter: 42mm,
number of revolutions/min: 9,000,
cross -section: 70cm,
performance: 20 m3/h,
vibration: 3000 N,
shaft length: 4MB,
Minimal radius radius: 1m.

2. CMP Rotary electric drive for the vibration series AM Rotary series by Hervisa – Perles. For CMP Rotary drive, all mechanical mace models can be used: AM 26 Rotary, AM 36 Rotary, AM 42 Rotary, AM 50 Rotary. The number in the code means the diameter of the roll, which in turn translates into the amount of vibrated concrete per hour and amounts to: 8, 10, 20, 29 m3/ h. The entire CMP Rotary drive and vibration mace presents the photo below:

CMP drive is a built-in 1-phase electric motor, which with a flexible shaft transmits about 9000 rpm. For a mace, inside which is hung on a rotor, bearing high -class bearings, introducing a mace into strong vibrations. The flexible rolling roller joins the drive by sticking into a hexagonal nest and then blocking it with a pressure knob, placed on the side wall of the socket. CMP is produced in accordance with the appropriate guidelines resulting from the relevant directives: EN 60745-2-12: 2003 and EN 60745-1: 2003. Technical Date:

type: CMP Rotary,
Power supply: 230V/50Hz,
Namionowa power: 2200W,
rated current: 6a,
number of revolutions at idle: 16,000 rpm,
length / width / height: 320 x 130 x 220mm,
Protection class: IP44 (double insulation),
Mass: 6 kg.

24 months warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here.

About the manufacturer: Hervis – Perles – a reputable brand of professional machines in the field of vibration technique belonging to the Spanish company Hervisa S.A. Its offer includes a mechanical vibration roll, vibrating rolls with high frequency electric current and vibration strips. Hervisa as a long -term and specializing producer can boast of the highest quality of his products and their excellent technical parameters that will satisfy the most demanding professional users. Application: vibrating rolls (otherwise plunged vibrators) are used to compact the concrete mixture, after it is poured in place of destination , i.e. in the place where it is to freeze. Intensive vibrations cause excess water to the surface of the mixture, breaking / releasing the air bubbles, which are formed when pouring the mixture in place of purpose, and also vibrations affect the achievement of even density of the mixture – so that it is maximally homogeneous and dense in all its volume. : By buying a larger set of Hervis – Perles vibration tools for over PLN 3,000 gross in our store you will receive an attractive discount. Details here.