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Helmet, industrial protective helmet Lahti Pro Green category III L1040206


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Lahti Pro helmet made of polyethylene using the injection method. The helmet provides protection against mechanical injuries and short -term contact with a voltage up to 440V – category III (3).

The helmet protects against mechanical injuries and short -term contact with electrical guides with a current value of up to 440 V (cat. III).
Adapted for use in the temperature range from -20C to +50C.
The prisoner has four -armed load -bearing belts made of textile tapes and the main belt in the form of polyethylene pressure drop.
Helmets equipped with fabric potnik and a chin belt made of textile tape.
The gutter prevents water dripping.
Universal holes on the sides.
Application: construction works, industry.
The helmets have EN397 and CE certificate are in the third category of personal protective equipment.
Green color.
Size: universal (straps adjustment, for people with head circumference from 51 to 61 cm).

EN397 – The standard defines construction requirements and protective parameters, research methods and requirements for labeling protective helmets for industry. Compulsory and additional requirements for protective parameters were established. Compulsory requirements: cushioning capacity (impact energy transferred to the head model may not exceed 5 kN during the fall of a 5 kg bay from a height of 1 m), reinforcement resistance (a 3 kg piercing pier from a height of 1 m cannot deform the helmet so as to touch the helmet Head mockups), resistance to the flame (burner flame at an angle of 45 degrees from the vertical, it should be 50 to 100 mm and contact the crust for 10 s. The helmet shell cannot burn and spread the flames for more than 5 s after stopping). Additional requirements: depreciation capacity at very low temperatures -20 ° C or -30 ° C, depreciation capacity at a very high temperature + 150 ° C, electro -insulation – 440 VAC, side deformation – LD, LD, molten metal splinters – mm. Category III – Clothing Protective with a complex construction to protect against the threat to the life or health of the employee. Category III includes specialist clothing, whose task is to protect against factors that can cause the most dangerous consequences for the employee, and whose direct effects of action cannot be identified in a timely manner. This group includes, among others: specialized anti -chemical overalls, clothing protecting against ionizing radiation, flame, temperature exceeding 100 ° C or large splashes of hot substances, clothing protecting against low temperatures (below -50 ° C), clothing designed for work under high electric voltages.

Lahti Pro is one of the leading brands on the OHS market in Poland. Lahti Pro is a modern clothing designed for safety, comfort and elegance of the user, corresponding to the highest quality requirements.

Scandinavian, simple design provides a clean, fashionable and universal form. The innovative materials from which the Lahti Pro work clothing is made are subjected to multi -stage tests in extreme conditions. The Lahti Pro offer includes over 2,000 items, it is comprehensive solutions in the field of health and safety, almost for every industry.

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