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Graphite 7.2V Li-Lon + suitcase, 58G150 battery screwdriver


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Graphite 7.2V battery screwdriver in a suitcase with accessories. It has a durable LI -LON battery, a practical design and a suitcase with accessories – perfect for a home workshop.

7.2V battery voltage (usually 3.6V or 4.8V) – greater power,
high battery capacity 1.5 AH (usually below 1AH) – longer work,
high torque – 5Nm – much more than competitive products of this type,
The possibility of drilling with a screwdriver with the use of drills with a 1/4 “six -time handle (in a shape as bit),
“broken” main handle – the ability to work like a screwdriver or a straight screwdriver (see photos),
right and left turnover,
6-position torque adjustment + drilling,
touched, non -slip handle,
Illuminating the Parcy – Energy -Save LED,
Magnetic (bits) tip holder with protection (locking) against falling out (to insert or remove the bit, pull the block locking ring)
Standard, commonly used size of the screwdriver handle 1/4 “6.35 mm
LEDs signaling the level of battery charge.

Technical parameters:

Voltage: 7.2 V DC
Powering the charger: 230V ~ 50Hz
Maximum torque of 5 Nm
Size of the tip handle: 1/4 ” (6.35 mm)
Battery cell type: Li-ion (samsung cells),
Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
Charging time: 3-5 hours
Weight: 0.52kg

Delivery range:

Bits handle;
Bits 50mm 2 pieces: flat 5mm – cross KH2;
Bits 25mm 16 pieces: flat 4mm – 5mm – 6mm; Krzyżowe PZ1 – PZ2; Krzyżowe 2 x PH0 – 2 x ph1 – 2 x PH2, TORX T15 – T20, Allen (six -sided): 3mm – 4mm – 5mm;
Warranty card, user manual.

The product covered by a 36 -month manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here. Graphite is a well -known and valued for durability and high quality brand of power tools and accessories on the Polish market – created for demanding users. Graphite tools are well designed, carefully made, ergonomic and solid. Graphite stands out:

3 -year warranty in the “door to door” system without exceptions – the entire Graphite range, both when buying for a receipt or texture, without registration. Own fast service – repair within a maximum of 7 days. Behind the Graphite brand is the Topex Group, one of the largest Polish companies in the tool industry, with a stable and well -established position, which guarantees the safety of purchase and operation.

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