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Edge grinder for floors Menzer RSM 150 113030000

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A professional edge grinder for wooden floors The RSM 150 Menzer is intended for professional use by carpenters, parquet parques and scrapers. It is used to grind the edge of the parquet, hard to reach places (e.g. under the radiator, sloping joists, at handrails), corners, stairs. The RSM 150 Menzer grinder is an ideal complement to large BSM 750 series machines.
The most important features of the device:

A flat head with a length of 377mm makes access to low places.
Unique maneuverability and ease of maneuvering.
A durable engine and influencesless speed adjustment ensure optimal work effects.
The rotary suction pipe allows you to turn the bag so that it does not interfere with work.
Perfect balancing and ergonomics of the machine enables long work without the operator’s fatigue.
Thanks to the speed adjustment, it is possible to smoothly adjust the working speed to the workpiece, which can be done efficiently and safely with all tasks, and process every material.
The machine design makes it easy to keep it clean.
Safety switch and ergonomic handle guarantee easy work without effort.
The equipment works right at the very edge of the housing, which allows you to reach all nooks and crannies.
A refractory sack for dust.
The grinder adapted to use self -adhesive and screw discs.

Delivery range:

RSM 150 grinder,
Fireproof dust bag (dust bag should be emptied after each end of work).

Additional accessories (on request, available outside the set):

long arm of the grinding disc (481 mm),
A two -layer, fireproof dust bag at the ticket office m.

Technical data:

Power: 920W
Tape speed: 1700 – 3400 rpm
Diameter of discs: 150mm.
Weight: 10 kg

Warranty: 24 months. The warranty conditions can be found here. Note: We offer a full range of grinding tapes for Menzer scrapering. Write to us or call us to receive an individual offer.