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Drilling device perpendicular with cylindrical drills and Forstner Wolfcraft 4686000


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A starter for drilling perpendicular with cylindrical drills and Forstner from Wolfcraft. Perfect help with drilling holes using a drill or drill-free drill. Perpendicular and precise drilling – you will get an excellent effect without even having any experience.
When performing many projects, Forstner drill drills require extremely high precision, because the angle of applying the drill and drilling depth is decisive in this case. When developing a portable appetizer supporting drill drills, Wolfcraft introduces a solution in the standard drilling, which allows the user to obtain optimal results in a sure and easy way.

Thanks to the attachment, we will get a exact drilling angle of 90 ° and high precision of drill drilling and cylindrical drills.
The non -slip pad in the underside of the starter, ensures its stability, which makes it easier to drive the drill at the required angle.
The centering lines from each 4 pages and a side limiter facilitate correct drilling in one line.
The V groove provides stable drilling in pipes, beams and round wood.
During work requiring attachment, the attachment can be easily fixed with clamps.

Technical data:

3 holes equipped with steel guides for drills with a diameter of 8, 10 and 12 mm,
device made of fiberglass reinforced plastic,
Dimensions: 70 x 48 x 122 mm.

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