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Dischase device, Schepps chip distracting DC500 chipping shawl


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Scheppa DC500 DC500 is used to pull out larger amounts of spoil from wood processing machines and wood -like materials. He cares for a clean workplace while cutting, milling, eblling and grinding wood.
The universal machine – a hose with a diameter of 100 mm and a six -part adapter set allows you to connect the DC500 DC500 system to many different machines, both stationary and smaller, portable.

Thanks to the Ø 100 mm snake and a set of adapters, the DC500 is compatible with most machines.
When suction capacity 1150 m³/h reliably sucks large amounts of chips to a 75-liter bag. Thanks to this, the workshop remains practically free from dust while sawing, grinding and planning.
A flexible extraction hose with a length of 2 meters and a diameter of a 100 mm connection and a six -part adapter set for all small devices.
A solid metal frame with a filter sack holder.
A large 75 -liter collecting bag minimizes the need for emptying.
A transparent view of the workpiece is for precise sawing, grinding or hebling just as important as a healthy atmosphere of work in the workshop.
The Ø 100 mm hose connection for large amounts of dust and chips.
Large tank, long emptying cycles.
Standard driving mechanism for simple transport.

5 adapters included:
Adapter 1: Ø outer 97.2 mm – Wed. Internal 93.8 mm / Wed. Internal narrowing 61.5 mm, length 70 mm
Adapter 2: Ø outer 62.5 mm – Wed. Internal 57 mm / Wed internal narrowing 38.2 mm, length 60 mm
Adapter 3: Ø outer 39.8 mm – Wed. internal 34 mm / Wed outer 39.8 mm – Wed. internal 34 mm, length 50 mm
Adapter 4: Ø 35 mm – Wed. internal 30 mm / Wed outer 35 mm – Wed. internal 30 mm, length 43 mm
Adapter 5: Ø outer 98 mm – Wed. Internal 63.5 mm / Wed. outer 101.8 mm – Wed. internal 97.2 mm, length 74 mm

Technical data:

Dimensions length x width x height: 650 x 446 x 1430 mm.
Dischase hose – Ø 100 mm.
Snake length: 2000 mm.
Air flow efficiency 1150 m3/h.
Capacity of the bag for chip 75 l.
Vacuum 900 PA.
Engine 230 V ~, 50 Hz.
Engine power 550 W.
Noise level: 96DB,
Net weight: 15 kg.
Packaging: cardboard.

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