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Diamond holen wolfcraft diamond 65mm 5930000


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The holes ready to work after placing a drill or a battery screwdriver in the handle. Irreplaceable when installing sanitary facilities and when making current culverts for electric cables.

Application: glaze, stone, granite plates,
cutting edges covered with high -quality industrial diamond enabling drilling in very hard materials,
The main body fought from full material to maintain long -term precision during use,
Ø 10 mm mandrel for optimal torque transfer,
water soaking sponge – reduces dust emissions and provides adequate cooling extending the life of the hole,
centering drill – allows for perfect positioning of the drilled hole,
Practical tests carried out in Poland show that the opening after making 45 holes in the hard -class hard stoneware is still functional and ready to work – this is a better result than obtained by professional holenters at a much higher price,
hole diameter: 45mm,
maximum cutting depth: 65mm,
Holek packed in a high -quality container.

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