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Diagonal Schość Scheppach Scheppach 305mm HM140L + Machine Table UMF2000 + extension cord for free 5901218901


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Set of cutting tools: Schm140L sliding diagonal saw from Scheppach with a 305 mm diameter cutting disc with a working table – SchoPpach machine maciemperial saw with a load capacity of 150kg UMF2000. FREE: extension cord with four sockets and a switch for easier connection of the chainsaw for power supply.
1. Scheppach Schm140L oblique he saw a 305 mm diameter cutting disc. The HM140L model is a high -quality sliding saw dedicated to demanding users and professionals.

The machine is ideal for cutting when laying floors from panels, parquet and boards thanks to the range of rotation and tilt of the both ways cutting disc.
It provides accurate cutting results in soft and hard wood, as well as in multilayer materials, non -ferrous metals and plastics.
A tilted cutting disc on oblique cuts in a vertical plane on both sides.
On both sides, rotally in the range from -45 ° to +45 ° for oblique cuts in the horizontal plane.
Precise cuts thanks to double running columns with a durable line ball bearing for unchanging, exact cutting results.
Precise and high resistance on the stand.
Small weight (21 kg) thanks to a stable and lightweight structure from aluminum pressure cast for simple transport and storage.
Built -in laser for a precise indication of the cut edge.
HM 305 mm cutting disc for unchanging and precise cutting results, there are 2 24 and 48 teeth discs.
High cutting capacity 330 mm wide and 105 mm high.
A completely closed shield cover for maximum work safety.

Technical data:

Dimensions length x width x height: 890 x 615 x 490 mm (dimensions in transport position).
Cutting disc Ø 305 mm with a 30mm hole.
Curse speed rotation speed: 3800 min-1.
Head angle: 2 x 45 °.
45 ° cuts on the left to – 45 ° on the right.
Raster positions in rotary base 45-31, 6-22, 5-0-22, 5-31, 6-45 ° ..
Cutness / height: 90 ° / 90 ° 330 x 105 mm.
Width / height 45 ° / 90 ° 330 x 60 mm.
Width / height 90 ° / 45 ° 330 x 60 mm.
Width / height 45 ° / 45 ° 230 x 60 mm.
Power supply: 230 V ~; 50 Hz.
Engine power: 2000 W.
Net weight: 21 kg.
Packaging: cardboard.

2. The Scheppach UMF2000 working table guarantees a stable base not only of Scheppa angular chainsaws, but also to other similar devices of almost all manufacturers.

Durable and at the same time light construction.
Work at ergonomic height.
Durable and at the same time compact light construction for simple transport and storage.
Stable machine attachment and universally adjustable machine attachment for almost all products.
Fastening the machine to two transverse beams with guides to a stepless fastening with screws.
The maximum spacing of the bolts fastening the base of the machine to the beam to the depth of the saw is 384 mm.
Easy embracing the machine attachment to certain and ergonomic work.
Load capacity up to 150 kg.
Stable side elongation for sawing long objects: 1.16 – 2.00 meters.

Technical data:

Dimensions length x width x height: 1250 x 632 x 900 mm.
Height of the bed with cantilever arms: 845 mm.
Pull -up brackets supporting material in the range: 1160 – 2000 mm.
Max: 150 kg.
Net weight: 13.5 kg.
Packaging of the whole: cardboard.

Promotion = Super price + Presented quantity in the promotion – hurry before it runs out! Brennenstuhl Bremount extension cord with 5 sockets and a switch is distinguished by solid construction and a very aesthetic performance.

The extension cord is a great complement to the saw, it allows you to connect other power tools, additional lighting, etc. It is always worth having it at hand.
A solid strip with a length of up to 31.8 cm, thanks to which individual sockets are far apart, which significantly facilitates connecting the plugins.
Special mounting holes allow you to screw the extension cord to any surface, e.g. under the table top or mount with clamping bands to the bracket, table legs, etc.

Extension parameters:

number of sockets: 4,
switch: yes
maximum load: 3500W, 16A,
cable: H05VV-F 3G1.5 1.5m long,
Dimensions of the strip:
Length: 318 mm,
width: 60 mm,
Height: 43 mm.

Delivery range:

HM140L saw,
2 cutting discs 254mm 48 and 60 teeth (one shield is fitted in the machine, the other loose in the carton),
The key to changing the shields,
UMF2000 machine table,
Brennenstuhl extension cord 1150651124.

We are an authorized Scheppa dealer, buying in our company you get a full 24 -month warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here.

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