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DEWALT Rose saw 165mm 1200W cutting depth 55mm DWE550-QS


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DWE550 DWE550 disc saw with a 165mm shield and 1200W power. A professional device for people who value comfort and reliability during work.
The advantages of the DWE550 model.

Compact, light, easy -to -use disc saw with a cutting depth up to 55mm.
A well -balanced, compact housing ensures comfort of work.
A durable 1200 W engine ensures excellent cutting efficiency and ensures efficiency and long life.
Transmission and spindle mounted in a durable aluminum housing. The blowing perfectly removes dust from the cutting line.
Efficient connection for suction of dust after connecting to a vacuum cleaner minimizes the content of dust molecules in the air.
Departing connector adapted to the DEWALT AIRLOCK dust removal system.
The cut out design of the shield cover gives better visibility of the cutting line.

Technical data:

Power downloaded: 1200 W.
Useful power: 750 W.
Speed ​​without load: 5500 rpm.
Diameter of the saw: 165 mm.
Diameter of the saw hole: 20 mm.
Maximum deviation angle from the vertical: 48 °.
Maximum cutting depth at 90 °: 55 mm.
Maximum cutting depth at 45 °: 35 mm.
Mass: 3.6 kg.
Length: 286 mm.
Height: 226 mm.


24 teeth cutting disc.
Parallel guide.
Dust removal connection.
Mounting kucz.

Professional warranty for 12 months. The warranty conditions can be found here.

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