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Dewalt demolition hammer SDS-MAX 1550W 19.0J D25902K-QS


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Professional Dewalt demolition hammer with 1550W SDS-MAX handle and stroke energy 19.0J. Strong and durable hammer for heavy forging and knocking out.

A durable 1550 W engine enables the excellent forging effects
Vibration damping system (AVC) using balance weight and so -called The floating handle allows the limitation of a three -axis resulting vibration. This allows you to significantly extend the permissible daily dose of working time without risk to the operator’s health.
Linear structure ensures easy machine managing. The pushing holder allows you to set the position of the chisel around the axis in 12 positions.
The magnesium alloy housing guarantees the highest strength and small mass.
A compact, slender construction allows access to tight places.
A strong impact mechanism ensures the greatest strength among competitors’ devices and at the same time excellent forging parameters.
Ergonomic, linear shape guarantees comfort of use with each application.
Fast change of chisel position – 12 different angular settings.
The modular design allows quick access to the main components and fast and cheaper service.
Mild starting allows you to precisely start forging without “wandering” a chisel.
The side handle is set in many positions around the body, which allows convenient work in all conditions.


multi -position side handle,
Spitzak chisel,
strong transport trunk.

Technical data:

Power downloaded: 1550W
Useful power: 750W
Stroke – number of beats: 1050-2100 strokes/min.
Energy of stroke according to the EPTA standard 05/2009: 19.0j.
Tool holder: SDS-MAX.
Mass: 10.5 kg
Length: 690mm.
Height: 250mm.
Width: 127mm.
Vibrations on the shoulders: 7.5 m/s2
Measurement uncertainty K 1 (vibrations): 1.5 m/s2
Sound pressure: 89 dB (A)
Acoustic pressure: 100 dB (A)
Measurement uncertainty K 2 (noise): 3.0 dB (A)

Professional warranty for 12 months. The warranty conditions can be found here.

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