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Deproznica DEWLET DEWLET 216MM 1400W DWS774-QS


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Professional diagram – Dewalt slash. Paink with a 216 mm disc, perfect for precise cutting at a certain angle of wooden elements up to 250 mm wide.
A classic diagonal saw with increased parameters – improved to meet the needs of professional users.

1400 W engine – optimal power for effective use in many works.
The XPS laser indicator exactly indicates the cutting line adapted to the thickness of the disc without having to calibrate each time, additionally illuminates the workpiece.
Built -in dust suction system, the ability to work with a vacuum cleaner or chipping off.
A rigid and precise body and guides guarantee high accuracy.
The head lock allows it to be blocked in the lower position, limiting transverse beating in work with loose elements and facilitating transport.
Mettered diagonal angles 15 °, 22.5 °, 30 °, 45 ° and fast augmentation (setting) of angles up to 50 °.
Permanent left and right side with a scale to support the material.
Built -in support system for processing exceptionally large materials.
Side handles for easy transport.
Designed only for cutting wood and cannot be used for cutting metal (iron or non -ferrous, for safety reasons, metal filings can lead to electric shock or short circuit in the device).


216 mm cutting disc with sintered carbide teeth,
mounting key for the shield,
Clamp for the material.

Technical data:

Power downloaded: 1400 W.
Useful power: 1100 W.
Shield speed: 4500 rpm.
Shield diameter: 216 mm.
Diameter diameter: 30 mm.
Maximum angle of the deviation from the vertical (tilting to the left): 48 °.
Max. Slam (right / left): 48/48 °.
Cut range at 90 °/45 ° (width x height): 173 x 62 mm.
Cut range at 90 °/90 ° (width x height): 250 x 62 mm.
Cut range at 90 °/90 ° (width x height): 250 x 60 mm.
Cut range at 45 °/90 ° (width x height): 179 x 62 mm.
Cut range at 45 °/90 ° (width x height): 177 x 60 mm.
Cut range at 90 °/45 ° (width x height): 270 x 48 mm.
Cut range at 45 °/45 °: 190×48 mm.
Cutting maximum (saws): 70 mm.
Mass: 12.0 kg.
Depth: 550 mm.
Length: 490 mm.
Height: 590 mm.
Vibrations on the shoulders-show: 2.1 m/s2.
Measurement uncertainty K 1 (vibrations): 1.5 m/s2.
Acoustic pressure: 104 dB (A).
Uncertainty of measurement K 2 (noise): 3.9 dB (A).
Sound pressure: 93 dB (A).
Uncertainty of measurement K 3 (noise): 3 dB (A).

Professional warranty at 36 months after registering the product on the manufacturer’s website (12 months without registration). The warranty conditions can be found here.