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Delut bits tips for the screwdriver set32 partin the DT7969-QZ cassette


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Set of bits – DEWALT 32 parts screwdriver tips. Contains different types and sizes of bits. A set in a strong, closed cassette adapted to wear on the assembly belt.
A cassette with a transparent age, bits with a colorful tip designation for easier recognition of a specific beaten.

high precision, dedicated to professional applications,
made of hard, high -quality tempered steel,
contains all common sizes and types of bits,
tips marked with colorful rings for easy recognition of the type of whipped tips,
Bits: Standard 1/4 “, compatible with 1/4” DEWALT bits and other producers, and other producers,
In a durable, closed cassette with space for every bit, a cassette with a clip to wear on a mounting belt, you can also attach it on the edge of the assembly bag, etc.

Set contains:

Magnetic 1/4 bits handle,,
Cross bits type pH: ph1; PH2 x 2; PH3;
Cross bits type PZ: PZ1; PZ2; PZ3;
Flat bits: 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm and 6.0mm each 1 pc.
Torx bits: TX10; TX15; TX20; TX25; TX27; TX30 and TX40 each 1 pc.
Allen bits (HEX): 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm each 1 pc.
Torx bits with hole: txo10; Txo15; TXO20; Txo25; Txo27; TXO30 and TXO40 each 1 pc.
Adapter – a square for mounting 1/4 “attachment for bits.
Cassette for bits.

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DeWalt, Scheppach