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Bits, screwdriver tips with a set of set22czVorel


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Bits – screwdriver tips with a vorel handle set 22 parts.Irreplaceable on electronics, mobile phones, household appliances, computers, digital cameras, laptops, cameras, toys, etc.

S2 chromium-vanadium steel bits, S2,
The handle has a rotated head, which makes work very easier,
A durable and elegant case with a transparent lid.


screwdriver handle,
Bitts (adapter) handle, which can be planted in the handle at any depth in the range of 25mm to 80mm, the total length of the handle is 105mm (in the photo the bit holder is inserted into the handle maximally).
magnetic bits (tips) 20 pcs. 25mm long: flat – 1mm;1.5mm;2mm;2.5mm;3mm; 4mm;Krzyżowe PZ (Pozidriv) – No. 0;No. 1; Krzyżowe PH (Philips) – No. 000;No. 00;No. 0;No. 1;Torx – T5;T6;T7;T8;T9;T10;T15;T20;