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Benning MM 4 digital multimeter 4


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Benning Model MM 4. Professional, high -quality digital multimeter for demanding, professional users:

Thanks to the CZGOWA attachment, possible measurement of current up to 300A,
the possibility of automatic and manual selection of the measuring range,
High quality housing additionally protected with rubber inserts,
Thousands of trials as well as tests and admission by VDE and the Certification Institute prove that the device meets the requirements of international standards for applications in electronics, electrical engineering and energy.

Digital multimeter enabling:

Measuring solid voltage,
Measurement of alternating voltage,
A variable current measurement,
Resistance measurement,
Diodes test,
Checking the continuity of the circumference,
Hold function.

Multimeter technical parameters:

scale size: 4200,
accuracy: 0.5%,
AC voltage: 0.1mV – 600V,
DC voltage: 0.1mV – 600V,
AC current: 0.1 A – 300 A,
DC current: no,
resistance: 0.1 OHM – 42 MOHM,
Connection/LEDs test: yes/yes,
Frequency: no,
capacity: no,
Temperature: no,
tension sensor: no,
Hold function: yes
Measuring method: RMS,
Measurement category: Cat. III 300V.

Benning is one of the leading global manufacturers of diagnostic and measuring equipment in the automotive industry, in industry and electrical engineering. During its almost 70-year history, the company won the most demanding, professional customers who find instruments that meet their expectations and needs. Thanks to their experience in the field of testing, measuring and protecting products from Benning’s products, Benning’s products are characterized by reliability, universality and, what is very important – the safety of the user. The Benning offer includes voltage sampling, digital meters, core current measures, device for measuring, resistance, resistance, consequences phases, short -circuit impedance, differential and current switches, low -voltage measures. Some of them have the option of a contactless phase voltage location. Benning products are covered by a 2-year warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here.

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