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Battery drill – Scheppa BCDD70 20V SCHEPPY – SET – SET – charger, 2 x 3.0Ah accumulator. A brushless engine and a high torque, up to 60nm, are the distinguishing features of this machine.

Strong screwdriver for assembly works – screwing and drilling.
Two -speed gearbox for optimal screwing (gear 1) and drilling (gear 2).
Thanks to the brushless engine, the drill reaches significantly higher turnover with a simultaneous smaller battery energy consumption, thus the work efficiency is clearly higher than in models with coal brushes. In addition, the brushless engine is more durable and does not require service (periodic replacement of brushes).
The torque of 60 Nm allows you to meet even difficult tasks.
The metal drill clamp combined with the possibility of setting 19 degrees of torque clutch make this drill ideal in various mounting works.
LED lamp for lighting the working area. The lamp is placed at the battery, thanks to which the work field is more visible, because it is not covered by the screwdriver’s head.
In addition, the screwdriver has a soft ergonomic handle.
All 20PROS batteries are lithium-ion accumulators without memory effect.
The screwdriver is part of the 20Pros Scheppa battery system – all 20PROS machines and batteries are mutually compatible and interchangeable.
Purpose: DIY, hobby, independent renovation, also for professional use in craft and service as a supporting tool.

In pledge:

BCDD70 SCHDD70 drill-free drill
2 x 3.0AH 20V accumulator,
belt holder,
company equipment bag,
Transport packaging: cardboard.

Technical data:

Dimensions (length x width x height): 193 x 95 x 210 mm.
Speed ​​without load (1/2 gear): 0 – 500/0 – 1800 rpm.
Torque: 60 Nm.
Torque adjustment: 19 + 1.
Diameter of the drill handle: 2 – 13 mm.
Voltage: 20V.
Net weight (without batteries): 1.3 kg.

We are an authorized Sheppy dealer, buying in our company you get a full Polish warranty for 24 months. The warranty conditions can be found here.

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