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Anti -electrostatic, work, protective Lahti Pro size XXL – 11 l230411


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Anti -electrostatic, work, protective Lahti Pro size 11 for precise work.

Gloves are made of nylon, carbon fiber and polyurethane.
Polyurethane coated providing high manuality and an excellent feeling of the holded object.
Carbon fiber prevents the accumulation of static electrical charges on the glove surface.
Flexible and stretchy, perfectly adapt to the shape of the hand.
High resistance to electrostatic charges (the possibility of working in an explosive environment).
Ended with a welt.
A wide range of applications (e.g. precise work, work on the assembly of electronics components, work in an explosive environment).
White color.
Size: XXL – 11.
Hand length: 21.5 cm.
Hand circumference: up to 27.9 cm.

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure complete electrostatic protection, gloves should be worn together with complete protective clothing, shoes and a headgear of properly selected and made of materials with anti -electrostatic properties confirmed by tests. Category II gloves ensuring the level of protection at work at medium risk of damage. Gloves belonging to this category are used in situations where the risk is not classified as low or very high. Products belonging to category II most often provide protection against chemicals and mechanical damage – types of risk widespread in most industrial works. This group also includes gloves that protect against cold and warmth. The most common standard determining the assignment of the glove to category II is the EN388 standard.

Lahti Pro is one of the leading brands on the OHS market in Poland. Lahti Pro is a modern clothing designed for safety, comfort and elegance of the user, corresponding to the highest quality requirements.

Scandinavian, simple design provides a clean, fashionable and universal form. The innovative materials from which the Lahti Pro work clothing is made are subjected to multi -stage tests in extreme conditions. The Lahti Pro offer includes over 2,000 items, it is comprehensive solutions in the field of health and safety, almost for every industry.

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