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Adhesive pistol Steinel G5000 500W + freebies


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Professional adhesive pistol of the renowned German company Steinel. A fully professional hot gun. Perfect for websites, installers and production plants. The highest power of up to 500W allows for rapid gluing of even large surfaces.
This gun has a unique functionality – inside the gun housing is a “heat battery”. After warming up the device, it allows up to 20 minutes of operation without any power supply. It has an electronic maintenance of a constant temperature, which guarantees the optimal glue temperature and protects the device from overheating. The best confirmation of the quality of this pistol is the fact that Steinel produces exactly the same pistols for Bosch and Metabo (they differ only in the color of the housing). Technical:

Power: heating phase – approx. 500 W, resting phase – around 30 W,
Supply voltage 220 – 240 V automatically changed,
Heating time 3-5 min.
Pins (inserts) adhesive in diameter 11.2mm, length – from 45 to 300mm,
Working temperature 210oC
Pressing power approx. 22 g/min.
Dimensions (length x thickness x height) 210 x 36 x 185 mm,
Mass (without glue and power cord) 320 g.

The pistol can be used in three ways:

As a stationary device – then it rests on the basis of which it acts as a tripod, power supply. The base is equipped with a special reservoir for a jumped glue lined with silicone plastic to which the glue does not stick. This facilitates cleanliness and protects against accidental glue,
as a portable gun – then the power cord is inserted directly into the gun,
As a wireless gun – after heating (by placing or inserting the cable in the base) up to 20 minutes of operation without power.

The package includes:

G5000 adhesive pistol,
pistol base,
metal stand (put on a pistol body),
Standard pistol tip 22mm long,
The end of the pistol is long 40mm,
power cord.

We add for free:

5 pieces of colorless universal adhesive inserts 250mm,
5 pieces of universal adhesive inserts 200mm in five different colors.

The gun has a 36 -month warranty and a certificate of origin
The warranty conditions can be found here.

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