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Adapter for enlarging the wolfcraft fi 46-62 mm 5951000 holes


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Hole enlargement adapter.It is used for centric enlargement of the existing hole, for example when replacing lighting fittings, the so -calledpopular mesh, when the diameter of the installed luminaires is greater than previously installed.Necessary when enlarging culverts, ventilation openings, etc.
A simple tool to use.You only need to strictly screw the adapter body into an existing hole, place a drill that leads the hole in the adapter nest and drill a hole to about 50% of the thickness of the material.Then remove the adapter and finish the drilling of a new hole.
See how easy it is in the movie!

Important features:

To enlarge holes with diameters from 46 to 62 mm.
The thread structure facilitates turning in existing holes.
The body is made of high quality plastic.
Steel drilling socket suitable for drilling drills Ø 6-8.
Adapter for holes with a diameter above Ø 68 mm.

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