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1200W 185mm Graphite saw saw


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Graphite disc saw. The tool provides precise work thanks to the possibility of adjusting the cutting angle. In addition, it is possible to control the cutting depth, which increases the precision of the cuts performed. The saw has an ergonomic handle and a shield cover that increases operation safety.

Power: 1200W
Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
Rotational speed: 5000 min -1,
Disc diameter (external/internal): 185/20mm,
Cutting account adjustment: 0-45 O
Maximum cutting depth: 65mm,

Important features:

Simple, solid construction,
Cutting angle adjustment,
Smooth adjustment of the cutting depth,
The possibility of replacing coal brushes by the user,
Shield cover (upper and lower) made of aluminum alloy,
Ergonomic construction of the saw, easy handle, good visibility,
Lock of accidental switching on the device.


Packaging cardboard box,
1 wood dial,
Side guide,
Wizard to saw.

The product covered by a 36 -month manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty conditions can be found here. Graphite is a well -known and valued for durability and high quality brand of power tools and accessories on the Polish market – created for demanding users. Graphite tools are well designed, carefully made, ergonomic and solid. Graphite stands out:

3 -year warranty in the “door to door” system without exceptions – the entire Graphite range, both when buying for a receipt or texture, without registration. Own fast service – repair within a maximum of 7 days. Behind the Graphite brand is the Topex Group, one of the largest Polish companies in the tool industry, with a stable and well -established position, which guarantees the safety of purchase and operation.

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